You have moved up to Wales recently – what are you enjoying most about your new home?

I have been living in North Wales since April and I am loving discovering all the incredible things there are to do in such close proximity to the estate.  I have never lived anywhere where the beach is an hour away, the mountains are 30 minutes away and I have forests and fields on my doorstep!
It's been fantastic being able to feel like I am reconnecting with nature – after a busy day or week at work, to be able to go for a walk and sit by the river is amazing and I feel incredibly lucky.  It has changed my daily routine for the better.

Rhug Estate Landscape sunset sunrise
What where you looking forward to exploring most this summer?

Wild swimming! I am not a water baby, and I am happiest on a desert island with crystal clear seas where I can see the bottom, but I have been overcoming my fear and doing some wild swimming in the lakes and rivers that are on our doorstep.

There are also some incredible beaches here in Wales – I particularly enjoy heading over to Angelsey as there is such a variety of beaches available. My favourites are Newborough Beach which is perfect for a long walk and Rhosneigr beach which is close to a fabulous restaurant called the Oyster Catcher and you can walk through the sand dunes to the beach after a lovely lunch.
Rhug Wild Beauty Skincare Newborough Beach Anglesey

Snowdonia – I had no idea this was a huge national park with mount Snowdon at its heart!  We have been having so much fun exploring, as there is so much to see and do for the whole family.

What does the notion of Wild Beauty mean to you?

The idea of connecting back to nature, rewilding yourself and looking at what mother nature has given us on our doorstep, literally! Where we are in Wales there is an abundance of herbs and plants and amazing landscapes and trying to step back into nature and reconnect to the wild and the outdoors has made me feel more grounded.  Spending time in nature is hugely important for our mental health and our general wellbeing.

What is your favourite Wild Beauty product and why?

That is a tough one! There are a few different ones that I use all through the day and some that I use once a week. The hand wash – when you use this, it is the most luxurious hand wash in the world – the scent lingers in the room even after using.

Replenishing Mask with Rhug Honey

I use the Protecting Day Cream with blue tansy, every day!  I have sensitive combination skin which is tricky as it can get oily but also dehydrated and I’m prone to rosacea, but this cream keeps it hydrated and calm, and I am delighted as it is tricky to find a product that can balance my skin.  Once a week I use the replenishing face mask, it not only smells amazing but feels lovely on the skin.  Depending on how I am feeling I will use it for 20 mins to give my skin a quick fix to add glow and plump my skin. If I want more of a well-rested look, I keep it on all night, and I wake up looking like I have had 12 hours sleep!

What can we look forward to from the brand in the next few months?

It is going to be a very busy time for us – there are new products launching this Autumn – more on those soon – we are also doing lots of pop ups and events.  We will be doing a pop up in Bobby’s in Bournemouth as well as Canary Wharf with John Lewis – we will also be doing various Christmas fairs also so keep an eye on our social media!

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability means a lot of different things to a lot of different people but for me, it’s about making those little changes that can all add up: be mindful about where you buy your food, where you buy things for your house, your clothes, the products you use on your skin, the mileage you do in your vehicle.  I think we need to all make better choices in terms of how much plastic we use, how much we use our cars and find out what works for you – I try and do a little bit here and there and hope that the small changes that I make and everyone else makes does combine to make a big change.

Are you enjoying the outdoor life and what have you been doing?

I have been foraging with Richard the estate forager and I am learning so much about the plant life on the estate.  We have been doing lots of lovely walks, one of my favourites is the Watkins Path walk in Snowdonia which is pretty challenging, the 1st hour is good for all ages and there are these amazing waterfalls and during this hot weather you can enjoy a swim in the pools which are still icy cold in the summer which is just wow!


Favourite part of the Rhug Estate?

My favourite part is my home! I live in one of the gatehouses on the estate and I love it.  I can see the rolling park land and hear the sheep from my house, and even though I’m very close to my office I feel that I can still disconnect as the scenery around me is so beautiful.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Wild Beauty?

I love being part of a brand that is still young but with so much going on! Working alongside Lord and Lady Newborough and having a part to play in shaping the brand and seeing their vision come to fruition is amazing.  

What do you do to relax and unwind?

I always try and do 30 mins of exercise a day first thing when I get up, I find it sets me up for the day as my mind is whirling with to do lists. In the evenings I love nothing better than a fresh gin and tonic whilst I water the garden or a lovely walk across the fields to clear my head.