Wild Beauty is the brainchild of Rhug Estate owner Lord Newborough. The family has resided in North Wales since the 11th century and the present Lord Newborough is the 8th baron. Rhug came into the family in 1637 and now forms the family’s main home.

An organic farming pioneer and sustainability advocate, he has championed the highest standards of organic and sustainable farming for many years, protecting and enhancing the environment for future generations.

He has transformed Rhug Estate into a thriving and diverse business and recognised brand embracing farming, green energy, retail, wholesale and most recently, skincare.

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With an abundance of natural and organic plants growing all around Rhug, and a recognition that organic and natural ingredients can deliver very positive benefits for the skin, the idea of creating a truly luxurious skincare collection using the finest organic and wild foraged ingredients from the estate was born.

The family is very fortunate to be the custodians of this wondrous part of Wales. The collection is inspired by the wild beauty of our surroundings at Rhug, so we simply call it Wild Beauty.

- Robert Newborough, Founder


Since taking the decision to create a skincare collection, a small, dedicated and passionate team has been striving to create products that are as exceptional as they are beneficial, using sustainably sourced ingredients, including organic crops, wild forage, spring water, honey and beeswax from the Estate.

The collection has been created using many of the most precious ingredients from around the world, chosen for their qualities and efficacy, irrespective of cost.

All our skincare collection is hand made in the UK, with care and integrity.


We are very fortunate to have an incredibly talented team of specialists who are dedicated to and passionate about creating something truly exceptional.

Pictured left to right: Face of Wild Beauty Anastasiia Berezhna, founder Robert Newborough, General Manager Amy Coleman and Lady Newborough.