Celebrating the Coronation at Rhug: A Personal Story

This weekend, Rhug will celebrate the Coronation of our new King along with the rest of the country.  But for us, the connection is a very personal one. 

Like our future King, Lord & Lady Newborough have championed the highest standards of organic and sustainable farming at Rhug for many years and are passionate about the environment, maintaining a policy to protect and enhance it for future generations.

They applied these same principles when they launched Wild Beauty in 2020, a brand inspired by the wild beauty of the estate.  The skincare collection is a unique story of organic security and provenance, blended with modern principles of function and sustainability that harnesses natural, wild foraged and organic ingredients with the benefits of natural actives.

Rhug Wild Beauty Full Skincare Collection

Sustainability, for the Rhug team, goes beyond the ingredients. All products are bottled and packaged in recyclable materials where possible and mail order boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard and printed with vegetable inks. Surplus sheeps wool from the Estate is used in the mail order packaging, and there is a refill service in development. They are currently actively assessing their carbon footprint in order to make commitments to carbon neutrality. The farm additionally produces its own geo-thermal, solar, wind and hydro electric schemes and tree and hedgerow planting is an ongoing commitment.

King Charles and Camilla Opening Rhug Estate Farm Shop 2013

Lord and Lady Newborough were delighted to welcome our future King and Queen Consort Camilla when they officially opened The Rhug Farm Shop and enjoyed a tour of Rhug Estate. In April 2018, Rhug Organic Farm was thrilled to be granted a Royal Warrant of Appointment to HRH the Prince of Wales.  At the time, Lord Newborough said, “Being awarded the Royal Warrant is a dream come true, I am so thrilled for my team at Rhug who work so hard to embrace the highest standards of animal welfare and all the rewards of sustainable farming we practise here at Rhug. To have this recognition means everything”.

In order to be eligible for such an accolade, holders of Royal Warrants of Appointment are expected to have a responsible approach to sustainability issues. Companies should understand the environmental and social impacts of their business activities and to do what they can to manage them including the use of renewable natural resources, extraction of raw materials, supply chain management and traceability, minimising waste, the fair treatment of people and standards of animal welfare which are all subjects very close to Lord & Lady Newborough’s hearts.

Lord Newborough, King Charles and Camilla

Lord Newborough is very aware that our future king has his finger on the environmental pulse and understands the challenges ahead in terms of sustainability, he says:

I am a great admirer of King Charles because of his knowledge of the countryside and his foresight into the many important things that are connected with producing a more sustainable future for the next generations and for the way that he has inspired others to think about the environment and animal welfare issues”.

Happy Coronation weekend everyone!