In conversation with Rupert Kingston, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Delilah
We were delighted to catch up with Rupert Kingston, outstanding make-up artist and co-founder of the British make up brand delilah.  We love brands that reflect our own values and ethos and delilah is one such brand. Cruelty free and powered by plants, delilah is an independent British brand founded in 2014 that promises to constantly strive to do less harm by becoming more environmentally focused, by saving water, reducing waste and lowering greenhouse gas emissions in all of their product journeys - from sourcing ingredients to the end lifecycle. delilah we applaud you!
What role does good skincare play as far as make up goes?

Good skincare is essential! It is almost as important as the make-up products that you apply. Without the right skincare underneath, it is difficult to create a desired look that will truly last. 
I am always talking to customers, clients, and models about the skincare that they use. Often problems people have with make-up are in fact skincare related.  By tweaking small issues within the skincare routine, problems are often eliminated, allowing make-up to be applied more easily with a better finished result and it usually lasts longer too. It’s not just about the products you apply under your make-up, but how you remove make-up is key too. The right cleansing routine for your skin, ensures you are getting the most out of the products you apply ensuring your skin looks at its best and allowing you to enhance what you have with make-up.


How important was it for you for your brand to be cruelty free?

This is a part of our DNA and always has been at delilah.  The whole team are animal lovers, myself included, so this was non-negotiable for us.   People think that all make-up is cruelty free but it’s just not true. In some markets, it’s a prerequisite to test on animals. It was always important for us that we didn’t buy any ingredients, work with any manufacturers, or sell in any markets that require animal testing. We were thrilled to be registered with PETA back in 2019 and then even more thrilled when we achieved our 100% vegan status in 2021.

Who or what inspires you?

I trained initially in art completing an art foundation course.  I am a creative person at heart, and I am inspired all the time by all things creative. I am constantly inspired by art, design, music, fashion, architecture, technology and design.
I am also inspired by nature and the countryside. We live in Henley-upon Thames and our delilah HQ is based in Marlow, both of which are beautiful locations on the River Thames.

How do you relax and find space in our busy world?

I am an advocate of meditation. I discovered it about three years ago. Much like diet and exercise, it’s one of those things that are tricky to keep in the routine of your life, especially when things get busy.  Taking the time to get out in nature is essential for me and walking my dog along the hillsides or rivers of rural Berkshire where we live, is something I find relaxing.

How important is sustainability to you?

It’s a huge focus for us as a brand. We have worked hard to create beautiful cruelty-free, and now vegan formulations that our customers love and that we are proud of.  We are constantly striving to do better as a brand and do less harm by becoming more environmentally focused, in turn saving water, reducing waste, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions in all our product journeys - from sourcing ingredients to the end lifecycle.
 We are thrilled to be FSC And World Land Trust Certified, ensuring all our products are made with materials from well-managed forests, as well as recycled sources, helping to ensure our woodlands are alive for generations to come. We are working hard to explore more sustainable packaging solutions. Our packaging is moving towards being fully degradable and recyclable and we endeavour to source recyclable materials for our products as part of our climate action changes.
I believe sustainability is also about buying the right products across all sectors. Rather than buying things that you don’t use, it’s about choosing products that you truly love and using them until you finish them.


What is your quick tip for achieving a summer glow whether staying put in the UK or jetting abroad? 

I would always start with our Under Wear Primer. For added natural radiance and glow, mix a pump or two of our Pure Light Radiant Liquid Illuminator in with it and buff into the skin to give a lit-from-within glow.
At this time of year, you can get away with selecting a foundation shade that is a little darker than your skin, to double up as a bronzer providing a natural sun kissed glow to the skin.
Use a very small amount, in a colour that is a little deeper than your natural skin tone, and sweep onto skin -  start at the hairline and go all the way down the face, to the neck and the chest. When buffed on gently, it will give a warm tint to the skin which can be really flattering. Use a liquid blush  high on the cheekbones for that fresh off the beach glow.   

What is your Wild Beauty Escape? I have heard rumours about wild camping ….

The rumours about wild camping are true. I have a real split personality. While I am a make-up artist, brand Co-Founder and Creative Director, for a big part of my life. The other side of me loves the outdoors and being in nature.  We are passionate about canoeing, hiking and wild camping. Once a year, I head to the Scottish Highlands with friends. We have been doing this for about 15 years. We spend about 10-15 days enjoying the wilderness of Scotland: lighting fires, camping out under the stars and leaving behind our mobile phones and technology. It’s a real escape for me and I come back refreshed, revitalised, and completely inspired.
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