On the Red Carpet with Dani Guinsberg
Well respected, well known and highly successful, Dani Guinsberg is a sought-after make-up artist, working with Hollywood stars and world class editorial titles. Her work features regularly in Vogue, Stella, Marie Claire, GQ & Esquire. Dani also works with celebrities such as Emma Thompson, Michelle Dockery, Sophie Kauer, Tonya Reynolds and Rafa Spall to name a few.

As we enter the glamour of awards season, she shares her thoughts with us on the rise of the ‘green carpet’ as well as some insider tips we can apply when getting ready for our own special occasions.

Dani Guinsberg MUA Model

(Dani uses Rhug Wild Beauty Nourishing Eye Cream, Protecting Day Cream and Protecting Facial Oil to prep skin before applying make up)

The trend of green skincare and makeup on the red carpet is gaining momentum as both make-up artists and celebrities are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their beauty choices. Celebrities and their teams are choosing more environmentally conscious, natural products for both skincare and makeup that are cruelty-free and sustainably sourced.

Minimalist looks are becoming popular, with a focus on highlighting natural beauty instead of covering it up. This results in less product being used, reducing waste and the need for frequent touch-ups. Make-up artists are additionally incorporating techniques that use less water, such as using a damp sponge to apply foundation instead of using a spray.

Dani Guinsberg MUA
Dani Guinsberg

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to us Dani. Are you finding that sustainability is a concern amongst the celebrities you work with?

I am finding more and more clients have a great understanding of what sustainability means and how important it is which is great news. However, it is also key that products are high performance too.

When it comes to red carpet looks, what is important to you?

For me, the key to red carpet skin is to prep the skin correctly before make-up application. - this means a thorough cleanse - perhaps a mask and definitely a good quality serum and moisturiser- I’ve found over the years that a well-nourished and prepared skin is the key to a long-lasting beautiful make-up look 

What do you look for in the skincare products you use?

Any product that I use must be sustainable, cruelty free and as natural as possible whilst offering high quality and performance. It is important that the skincare has a great texture that penetrates the skin on a deeper level. Rhug Wild Beauty is amazing quality and sustainable and it also gives brilliant results.

Do you have a red carpet make-up trick that you can share with us to help us get ready for a special night out?

To get great skin results for a red-carpet night, I always mix serum into the foundation to give the added skincare benefits and help retain a natural glow. 

Dani Guinsberg MUA model

(Dani uses Rhug Wild Beauty Nourishing Eye CreamProtecting Day Cream and Protecting Facial Oil to prep skin before applying make up) 

What is your must have make-up item?

A great mascara - one that doesn’t clump or flake and elongates and thickens the lashes while gently curling.

What is your favourite Wild Beauty product?

I love the Protecting Day Cream – it not only feels great on the skin and doesn’t leave a residue, it contains Organic Blue Tansy which is such a powerhouse ingredient for calming skin.

Protecting Day Cream with Blue Tansy Oil

If you had to choose your favourite red carpet moment which one would it be?

Working with Emma Thompson as she has always been one of my idols.

Away from the glamour of the red carpet, where is your Wild Beauty escape?

I love nothing more than immersing myself in the peace of Snowdonia in Wales, deep in the forest – this is probably another reason why I am such a fan of Rhug Wild Beauty!

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