Wild Beauty And Posie Staveley

As we continue our series introducing the Friends of Wild Beauty, we meet Posie Staveley, a pilates instructor based in North Yorkshire who discovered the benefits of pilates after a freak skiing accident left her in constant pain. Today she tells us a bit about her beauty rituals and what she looks for in a skincare product and why she always looks for natural organic beauty products over anything else.


I remember my earliest beauty memory was going to a department story with my mother in Harrogate. Mum was going to buy some skincare products and as a special treat I received a free facial. Oh the excitement!  From that moment on, I was hooked!


Nowadays I like to use really simple, natural and wherever possible, plant-based products. Living back in Yorkshire I don’t really wear much make up  and with the lovely fresh air I find that my face doesn’t need as much cleansing compared to when I lived back in London. I have a very simple routine these days and find that it is all about using less products, but the right products, for example I always apply an eye cream and have a specific night cream.


I discovered Wild Beauty through one of my clients. I love that the collection is founded on respect for the environment and includes wild foraged ingredients from the estate. I always try and buy organic products where possible, and organic beauty is all part of that –  it means I can be absolutely sure that what I am putting on my skin and in my body is 100% natural, with no hidden nasties, and good for me. It also means that I can feel a moral conscience when using it and that is important.


I run a lifestyle business and I know the key to happiness really is all about being and feeling healthy. As with anything in life there is a fine balance between doing what is good for you but also enjoying life along the way but the two very much go hand in hand!  Eating well and getting out and about in nature regularly are things I try to do as much of as possible.


We know that finding balance in our lives can be difficult especially when you are self-employed, but I know it is fundamental to our mental health. When I think of balance I think of those old-fashioned weighing scales…too much of one thing and it tips! For me I try to find time in my day for some ‘me’ time, whether that is a walk, run, bath…being in the people business it is too easy to give all your time to others which leaves little for yourself. Spending time with family and friends is also hugely important for me.


My wild beauty escape is either Cornwall or Scotland – it used to be the former until I discovered Skye earlier this year – it is so mind-blowingly beautiful.

What 3 things would you take with you on that escape?

A good novel

Pilates mat

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