Holiday Travel Tips From Lady Newborough

With holiday season upon us and staycations booming, we asked lady newborough about her holiday must haves and what she loves to pack when heading abroad, or enjoying a uk staycation.

What is your favourite summer holiday destination and why? 

Croatia. We have a house there and luckily this year we did get out there, it is a beautiful place, still quite a hidden gem!  If we are planning a UK getaway, it is difficult to rival the beauty of North Wales, but the New Forest is where I grew up so will always have a special place in my heart.


How do you prep for your summer trip?

Wherever we go for the summer, I try to be very organised with my packing and take out all my summer clothes that I am keen to take with me. I then try everything on and put everything into piles according to occasion – beachwear, evening wear, day trips etc. and then go from there!


What are your holiday must haves that you are never without? 

I always take my white ballet pumps, they go with literally everything!  I also take a pair of wedges for the evening and trainers.  White trousers, or white jeans are key for me and a few sarongs – very multi purpose and take up zero room in the case.


Any holiday packing disasters?

In all the years I have been travelling (which is a lot) I have never had my luggage lost or had a disaster. I am very lucky but now I have said this, it will probably happen!


What do you pack beauty wise?

I always take the full range of Wild Beauty with me wherever we are going, the Travel Essentials kit works really well for weekends and short breaks, however if I am going away for longer, I tend to decant the larger sizes into pots and wrap them up in the muslin face cloth. I like to be quite low maintenance on holiday and tend to pick multi tasking products like tinted SPF moisturisers and lip balms with a hint of colour that can double up as blushers!


Do you have a holiday fragrance? 

I don’t really change fragrances according to the season, I am very loyal Chanel No5 which I have worn for years and is my signature scent.


When you arrive at your destination, what is the first thing you do?

Unpack, have a shower and get into something summery!  If we are staying at our house, I go round and check the property thoroughly for any problems! Then I can relax. My case is always full of items that have to be replaced having been broken the year before (I have a notebook with what I need from the time before).  When abroad, I take my own tea bags, if we are in the UK, I always take my favourite bath oil and maybe a small candle to burn when I have a bath and to relax me before bed.


And what is the last thing you do when you leave?

Usually a last look at the sea if we are near it, I love love the smell of the sea air, I find it so restorative.  If we are in the New Forest, I like to have a final walk through the trees, walking in a forest has a special type of smell to it, and a beautiful stillness that is so calming.


Hand luggage – what do you take with you?

If we are going abroad, I always have a large canvas hold all as I like to take my laptop with me, and I always pack a small washbag with essentials it in and include a bikini and shorts (you never know!) for stay cations in the UK I tend to travel a bit lighter but always like to stay connected with my devices and I love reading so like to make sure that my kindle is loaded with lots of great books.  


Are you an over packer or a very light traveller? 

Definitely an over packer. I always take out far too much stuff. I never seem to learn!




Hotel or self catering? This is difficult to answer as I love Hotels but also our house.


Sea or pool? Definitely the sea


In the water or on the water? Both! 


G&T or Cocktails? Cocktails


Bikini or swimsuit? I sunbathe in a bikini and swim in a swimsuit!!


Flip flops or wedges? Flip flops during the day and wedges at night


Beach sloth or activity scheduler? Hate the beach. Definitely activity!