In conversation with Mandy Oxley Swan

We are delighted to have Mandy Oxley Swan, freelance facialist and all-round skin guru as a friend of the brand! We caught up with Mandy in her home facial studio in North London.


1. As a facialist, you see a lot of clients, tell us about your key recommendations for optimising skin health.

Consistency is key. A regular routine will pay dividends. It’s almost like doing your skin homework every day! No expensive one-off product will do the work. A simple routine of a few selected products every day is the fundamental principle for skin health and to keep your skin looking its best. My key steps are:

Proper cleansing: is non-negotiable. Without cleaning the skin, other actives and products will not work as effectively.

Antioxidants: such as Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in the morning and a Retinol or Bakuchiol (Vitamin A) in the evening are important for brightening and improving skin tone reducing pigmentation and reducing the effects of pollution and sun damage. The Rebalancing skin tonic contains vitamin C to brighten the complexion and try the protecting facial oil which contains bakuchiol.

UV Protection: Use a broad-spectrum product to protect against UVA and UVB rays. You can choose either a physical mineral based product, they will reflect the UV rays- these generally work better for more sensitive skin. A chemical sunscreen absorbs the rays safely within the skin. Ideally wear SPF30-50.

Hydration: This is key. As we age, we lose moisture from the skin. Look out for products containing Hyaluronic Acid, like the Wild Beauty Active Treatment Serum which is a hydrating hero. Also keep hydrated internally- lots of water and fluids and add in watermelon and cucumber in the summer to keep skin bouncy and healthy. A healthy gut will help with healthy skin, so look to include healthy fats in your diet.

Facial massage: This is an essential for me. Massage enhances glow and it also improves circulation by moving oxygen to the skin surface. It can help with fluid build-up and reducing puffiness as well as lifting and firming the facial contours. It is a key part of my facial treatments with my clients, and I always recommend spending a few minutes massaging in your cleanser or facial oil morning and/or evening to reap these benefits. Use fingers or a facial tool, according to your preference.

2. As a Facialist- what can people do to maximise their skincare at home?

Again - maintain a simple consistent routine:

Proper double cleansing- the first cleanse will remove any SPF, pollution, make up etc. The second cleanse will work deeper and remove grime and sebum build up. You can choose 2 different cleansers if you like to mix it up texture wise. I like to start with the Deep Cleansing Balm and then follow with the Purifying Cleansing Lotion.

At home facial massage is great. You can do this with the Deep Cleansing Balm or the protecting Facial Oil with Bakuchiol and focus on areas of tension such as the jawline and cheekbones.
Regular gentle or enzymatic exfoliation helps to keep the skin radiant too. It’s key to not over-strip and protect the skin’s barrier function.

3. How do you find balance?

I use my facial skincare routine as a self-care ritual. I like to take the time to inhale the scents of the products I am using and take the time to massage them in, like a mini sensory journey. I love using my Cryospoons- I keep these in the freezer and use the Active Treatment Serum to help them glide over my skin. They help de-puff and firm the skin plus calm down any inflammation.

I love to burn soy/plant oil-based candles to naturally scent my home and calm or energise.

I love wild swimming. Whether it’s in the reservoir behind my home in North East London or in the sea in Southwold. Both really boost me mentally and physically.

I walk everywhere - I don’t drive. I either switch off completely or listen to good podcasts. Also always look up, there is so much to be seen above the rooftops!

I love playing tennis too when time permits. I also try to read for at least 20 minutes each night before bed - this sets a ritual and helps me switch off.

4. What do you love about Rhug Wild Beauty?

I love the ethos of the brand, particularly its use of excellent quality organic ingredients and the fact that many are wild foraged on the estate land. I am very mindful of sustainability in the brands I use and always look out for recyclable packaging. I love the fact that the fragrances are 100% natural, and the formulations feel luxurious.

5. What does organic beauty mean to you?

I’ve always veered towards natural honest brands and appreciate the transparency around the Wild Beauty messaging. I love to use products that respect the environment and feel good knowing I’ve made respectful choices. I always look for products that I know are safe to use on both my skin and my daughters.

6. What is your wild beauty escape?

Nature. I love walking in the Yorkshire Dales surrounded by green or being by the sea. I’m very keen on animal conservation and support many animal charities. My dream would be to have a field of Alpacas- my favourite animal!

I got engaged on the Aeolian Islands and visited Vulcano- it has natural sulphur springs. Covered in mud and washing it off in the sea was heaven! My ideal wild escape!

Mandy can be found on her website and Instagram.