My Wild Beauty Autumn Diary, Lady Newborough

I have lived at Rhug for many years now and every day I count myself extremely fortunate to live in such a naturally beautiful place.  I could never take it for granted. The sheer beauty of Wales, where the air is pure and you feel like you are in completely unspoilt countryside.

I try to live as healthy a lifestyle as I can, I play tennis and golf as much as possible, and do yoga.  Living on Rhug Estate, I am often out and about on dog walks around the grounds and love being out in nature. Balance is incredibly important to me and I find that being out in the fresh air works wonders for both my mental and physical health.

Rhug Estate has been a certified organic farm for over 20 years now and we are lucky to be able to eat our own organic produce. Everything is natural, with no chemicals and we know exactly where it comes from! As a result, I am very conscious about the ingredients within products, and as a result, I want to know that my skincare mirrors that ethos.  I prefer to use natural products so the Wild Beauty collection is perfect.  I love that it is made in the UK, cruelty free and natural, which is very important for me.

I have a very simple beauty routine that I follow morning and evening.  My favourite product is the Purifying Cleansing Lotion with Dandelion, which cleanses my skin without drying it out.  I always use it with an organic muslin cloth as that really gets my skin clean. I always follow that with the Rebalancing Skin Tonic with Meadowsweet, I have always used a toner as I love the feeling of freshness that it gives.  Before applying either my day or night cream, I always apply a few drops of the Active Treatment Serum with Hyaluronic Acid which always gives my skin a lift – I can’t explain it, but it does and I love it! The product I always have with me is the lip balm which contains our estate beeswax, I always have one in my coat pocket when I am out and about on the state so that I can apply as needed.

I absolutely love the smell of the skincare collection, it reminds me of my home here at Rhug and knowing the areas where the ingredients come from and the fact that many of them have been picked by hand makes it that little bit more special to me. It really is like a breath of fresh air from home and feels like a treat every time I use it.