Spend A Day With Truffles, Everyone’s Favourite Chocolate Labrador

We thought you might like to get to know the Wild Beauty mascot and Rhug star, Truffles.  We caught up with her outside the Café Rhug waiting for her morning snack and she kindly agreed to share a glimpse into her life on the estate.

I am not a very early riser, unlike many on the farm.  My Dad gets up at 05.30 but I don’t move until I know it is time for my breakfast – organic dog food – what else? I live on an organic farm!

We then walk down the drive on the way to the office and to do the rounds – it’s still dark at this time of year but I don’t mind, it’s nice to be out and about seeing the farm waking up and meeting my friends who are all arriving at work..

The first stop on the way to the estate office is the Rhug drive thru where Jan, Ilona, or Caroline will always treat me to an organic sausage for my breakfast. Then it’s off to the office catching up with friends along the way and sneaking biscuits from Gary at the cutting plant, the postman or Rob the builder, and chasing the odd squirrel and pheasant (my favourite sport).

My day from then on can vary enormously, it is either a lazy day in the office, whilst everyone does boring stuff on their laptops or I go and chat to Sally in accounts who gives me treats, or Samantha and Cheryl in sales or Gwen who does the farm accounts and they all give me lots of cuddles..

In lockdown, I have been going on many more walks than usual and sometimes they can be very long!  It’s tiring work and when I get back I always hope that if I am good, I might get a yummy organic burger from the kitchen at the café!

I love the summer months, I go out with Richard the forager, hunting down wild forage for the Wild Beauty skincare collection, I am getting rather good at it now!  Did you see me in some of the photos for the collection? I am also on a film that they play in the farm shop.  My mum uses the skincare collection all the time and smells yummy. 

At the end of a long day in the office, I like to leave promptly and sometimes have to give Dad a nudge to remind him, sometimes I have to pull my lead off his desk to give him a clear hint and if that doesn’t work, I pinch his cap off the desk and carry it round the office until he eventually gets the message – it’s home time!

In the evenings I like to relax on the sofa in front of the fire. I have my own special spot and always get there first!

Every weekend I’m taken out for a super long walk, either in the mountains or down by the river, there is always lots to sniff at and chase if I feel like it.  I love where I live here, Rhug is wild beauty at its absolute best and I wouldn’t be anywhere else.