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Review written by Waxy Beauty


Do You Want To Know Where Your Products Come From, What Goes Into Them And What Their Environmental Impact Might Be? Rhug Wild Beauty, A Natural, Organic Brand That’s Handmade In The Uk Might Have All The Answers For You.


What’s Rhug Wild Beauty Story?

Wild Beauty is the brainchild of Rhug Estate owner Lord Newborough. The family has resided in North Wales since the 11th century and the present Lord Newborough is the 8th baron. Rhug came into the family in 1637 and now forms the family’s main home. Since inherited the title In 1998 along with 12,500 acres of land, he has transformed Rhug Estate into a thriving and diverse business and recognised brand embracing farming, green energy, retail, wholesale and most recently, skincare.

Inspired by the magnificent surroundings of Rhug Estate, Wild Beauty skincare uses the highest quality natural, organic, hand-picked and wild foraged ingredients including organic crops, wild forage, spring water, honey and beeswax directly from around Rhug Estate in Denbighshire, North Wales.

The skincare products embrace everything the Rhug brand already stands for – organic, healthy and natural; certified COSMOS by Soil Association, Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free, Vegan Society and Halal; also use 100% natural fragrances, free from sulphates, GM ingredients, artificial fragrances, artificial colours, parabens and harsh chemicals

What About Sustainability?

This eco-friendly brand offers products that are sustainably sourced from the estate and other environmentally friendly producers, ensuring the security of provenance and 100% traceability of their ingredients. For the plants that are wild foraged on the Estate, Rhug team waits for the optimum time to pick each different part of the plant or particular plants to flower and mature. The whole ingredient growing process is done with the utmost concern for the protection of wildlife and biodiversity.

In terms of their packaging, all Wild Beauty products are bottled and packaged in recyclable materials. Most of the products are in recyclable frosted glass jars or bottles while small select body products use Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic. The online delivery box is made from 100% recycled cardboard and printed with 100% vegetable inks. Now, the coolest thing is that the products are being protected by packaging wool! This material is not only sustainable and biodegradable, you can also get creative with it and reuse around the house! My cat’s happily using it as her bed.


Rhug Wild Beauty Replenishing Mask With Rhug Honey

A mineral-rich purifying treatment mask that targets dull, dehydrated and congested skin for a smoother, brighter and more refined complexion. Formulated with key ingredients including:

White Clay (Kaolin): This mineral-rich clay is perfect for deep cleansing and absorbs excess oil. A less-drying and gentler type, making it ideal for dry and sensitive skin types. 

Organic hemp seed and plum seed oil: Both vitamin-rich and contain nourishing fatty acids to help protect the skin with their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Not only they are very hydrating and healing, but they also don’t cause pores clogging either. Oily acne-prone skin types won’t need to worry about them.

Honey: This arguably the oldest skincare ingredient has natural healing properties. It is very nourishing, soothing and has antioxidant as well as antibacterial properties. Its wound healing power promotes collagen production and works to protect the skin barrier.

Heather Flower: Traditionally known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It has a strong antioxidant benefit because of the presence of flavonoids. Also, a source of tannins which provides an astringent effect can help protect the skin from damage.

Yarrow Leaf: A natural anti-inflammatory, promotes the regeneration of skin cells. It soothes dry or irritated skin.

Find a full list of ingredients here:


My skin is oily blemish-prone but can also get sensitive and dehydrated from time to time, so this mask is just godsend. I even go as far as saying this was the best 2020 mask discovery. This dark green putty-like mask melts onto the skin upon application which you wouldn’t expect when you see kaolin clay in the ingredients list and its solid-looking texture. But it had me fooled. It’s actually more like a nourishing balm. It’s recommended to leave on for 10 – 15 mins and you don’t need a lot either, just a thin layer. In all honesty, I always leave my masks on way longer even when some give me a little discomfort. But not this one, this one feels like a luxurious cashmere over my face. The balmy mask transforms into the most decadent facial oil that hugs my face without the suffocation you get from a clay mask or the over-drench from a hydrating mask. It’s just so perfectly balanced that I love having it on while I enjoy a long bath.

According to the website, the fragrance accords are Organic Ylang Ylang, Jasmine and Neroli essential oils. I’d add that there’s a hint of woody earthiness. Again, it’s not what I expected, I thought it’d be like honey. But I like this smell more than just honey. It’s very calming, a scent that you’ll be happy to have on the face for longer than 15mins. I like removing this mask with a warm washcloth, to inhale the last bit of the lovely scent. This removes very easily, hardly any efforts needed.

Overall, I really enjoy this mask, both the experience and the result are just top-notch. No wonder this mask has won awards. My skin feels purified and replenished just as described after removing the mask. With other clay masks, sometimes I would follow up with a hydrating mask to put the moisture back into the skin, whereas this is one-and-done, no need to multi-mask or do a masking marathon. If you have tricky skin like mine, I can’t recommend this highly enough.

Available: £75/50ml


Rhug Wild Beauty Protecting Day Cream With Blue Tansy Oil

A deeply nourishing cream that targets wrinkles and dehydration and boosts skin-protecting antioxidants for plumper, smoother looking skin.

In addition to sharing a few ingredients (Heather Flower, Yarrow Leaf and Plum Seed Oil) as the Replenishing Mask, this cream is blended with:

Organic Blue Tansy Oil: Its powerful blend of antioxidants acts at a cellular level to reduce inflammation, calming and soothing the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate): Low molecular weight HA, it can penetrate into deeper layers of the skin, provides a lifting and plumping effect and thus reducing the look of wrinkles and making skin younger-looking, appear smoother and more elastic.

Lemon Balm: Potent antioxidants, giving it the ability to protect against environmental stressors.

Salicylic Acid: Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. It can exfoliate skin both on the surface and in the pores.

Find a full list of ingredients here:



This day cream has a thick lotion consistency, not thick like toothpaste but it’s not very runny either. In fact, it’s very similar to the cleansing lotion. It also had the same challenge with the pump in the beginning because this too is so densely packed but also resolved itself after a few uses. I use a few pumps which equate to roughly a pea-size amount. I love how quickly it absorbs into the skin and leaves my skin very hydrated without any greasy feel or shine. This layers well with other products as well, whether I use a serum or facial oil before this cream, or apply SPF after, I never experience any issues with pilling.

As my skin is prone to blemishes and can get sensitive as I mentioned earlier, the presence of Blue Tansy oil is perfect for my skin needs. I definitely see the benefits, it calms my irritated skin and brings down any inflammation (either sensitive related or caused by acne). Although I use this cream mainly in the daytime, occasionally I use it in the evenings when I’m having a retinol routine night. I like how it protects my skin from being too sensitive to retinol while it remains lightweight enough to allow the retinol to do its job.

Looking at the website, the fragrance accords profile has organic palmarosa, jasmine and geranium essential oils. This smells quite floral as you’d expect from these accords but it also has the signature floral herbaceous scent coming from the blue tansy. I’d say the smell is on the moderate side, it doesn’t linger too long.

While on the website, it doesn’t specify the skin types that are suitable for this cream, in my opinions, this one is suitable for all skin types. It feels hydrating but not heavy, so oily skin types won’t have any issues at all. If you have super dry skin, you might enjoy layering a hydrating serum first. But if your skin concerns are irritated skin or the appearance of lines and wrinkles then give this a try. It’s a beautiful product.

Available: £95/60ml



Final Thoughts

I really enjoy all the products, they are beautifully presented as well as carefully crafted. I particularly appreciate the transparency in how the ingredients are listed. What I mean by that is you won’t see ‘fragrance’ or ‘aroma’ blend as a general term, instead, everything that’s used to create the scent profile is clearly shown. It’s then up to customers to decide if the products are right for them or if anything they can be sensitive to. The products do remind me of Tata Harper’s products, mostly on the use of floral ingredients and the sensorial experience. However, my sensitive skin and sensitive nose like Rhug’s offerings a lot more.

What I like the most is that I know Rhug’s just launched last year and there’ll be more products adding to the range, but the ones they have now are formulated with solutions in mind. Unlike a lot of organic brands where they would have everything for good, normal skins and usually people with my skin types won’t be able to enjoy.