Put Some Spring Into Your Body Care Routine This January!

Happy New Year one and all, let’s hope that 2021 brings us more than 2020 did and that we will all soon be back in the arms of our nearest and dearest. 

As with every year, the excesses of Christmas can leave our systems feeling sluggish and our skin congested.  At this time of year, extremes of temperature from central heating and open fires to bracing cold walks can leave our skins dry, tight and sometimes a bit inflamed – Wild Beauty to the rescue!

What better way to start a New Year than with a new comprehensive skincare routine to ensure glowing, healthy skin all year long.  And don’t neglect your body care routine just because it’s winter and no one can see it snuggled under jumpers!  Brighter days are coming and you will be grateful you put the effort in now…

At Wild Beauty we believe in organic security and provenance blended with modern principles of function and sustainability.  We are very proud of our unique story as we harness natural, wild foraged and organic ingredients for our skincare and body care collection. Our chosen ingredients contain essential vitamins and minerals, while fragrances are 100% natural and made using essential oils so they smell amazing whilst you are using them.

One of the first key steps to a successful skincare routine, be it on the body or the face, is exfoliation.  We love our exfoliating body scrub with rosemary and Rhug honey, use on dry or damp skin and smooth over the body.  Did you know, using an invigorating body scrub or a body brush in upward circular movements not only removes dead skin cells, but also helps the micro circulation of the skin and encourages blood flow to the skin surface, which in turn brings oxygen to the skin cells and flushes away toxins, it also helps with depuffing by draining lymph leaving skin fresh, glowing and clean.

Protecting skin with a hydrating body cream is key during winter months, and our Nourishing Body Cream with Marshmallow Root & Lemon Balm has an indulgent base of Organic Cocoa and Shea Butters with Rhug Beeswax, which deeply hydrate and plump the skin together with a  blend of Organic Marshmallow Root and wild foraged Lemon Balm help to soothe dry skins.  We recommend applying a generous layer after bathing and massaging in circular movements paying particular attention to drier areas such as feet, knees and elbows.

Last but by no means least, don’t forget hands, at this time of year they can become very dry and with the continued handwashing we all need to do, extra care is needed – massage a small amount of exfoliating body scrub over hands to remove dead skin cells, cleanse well under warm water, dry thoroughly and apply a thick layer of our Moisturising hand lotion with Apricot oil and Heather, which soothes skin and hydrates dry skin. 

We would love to hear how you use our products and what your favourites are, get in touch