What causes skin inflammation?
What causes Skin Inflammation?

Everything from a lack of sleep, hormones, and environments we live in, what we eat and drink to the seasons and hot and cold climates, can all influence the sensitivity of our skins and can lead to inflammation and discomfort. 
Skin sensitivity can also change with age, and you might find that your skin suddenly displays a sensitivity that you never experienced before, which can be frustrating. 

Hot, red, itchy, or burning skin can be uncomfortable and stressful and worrying about it can end up making it worse - but there are solutions!

Solutions for Skin Inflammation

More often than not, skin sensitivity and inflammation are caused by a problem with the skin barrier, which is the protective lipid layer that protects our skin cells from the external environment.  Maybe this has been over stripped by using over abrasive products or over cleansing the skin that has led to the skin barrier being weakened or compromised.

First things first– look at your skincare routine and the products you are using, take the time to understand the ingredients and tune into how your skin is feeling after each use.  Check for alcohol content, perfume additives, preservatives etc. as these can irritate skin. 

Less is more … 

Products with concise ingredient lists and simpler formulations tend to be less aggressive and there is less danger of mixing too many ingredients together by layering a lot of actives one on top of another.  

Try and simplify your skincare routine and avoid too many steps that might overstimulate your skin and be aware of any out-of-date products.

First things first, cleansing is a key step in any beauty routine but choose a skin cleanser that isn’t abrasive and won’t strip your skin barrier and instead choose something nourishing, the Wild Beauty Deep Cleansing Balm with Wild Berries is rich in Vitamin E and contains Rose Otto Essential Oil to moisturise and soothe and features a combination of light oils for gentle cleansing and restoration.
Always use tepid water to cleanse and don’t scrub, gently buff with a soft muslin cloth and pat dry with a towel. 


(Wild Beauty Deep Cleansing Balm)

Nourishing the skin barrier

Look to replenish this with ingredients such as glycerine, hyaluronic acid, shea butter as they are emollients that draw in and seal in moisture. Natural ingredients such as rosehip oil and products containing oats will also soothe skin.  The Wild Beauty Active Treatment Serum with Hyaluronic Acid contains oat milk to soothe and protect skin, follow with the Protecting Day Cream with Blue Tansy Oil that reduces inflammation at a cellular level to calm and soothe skin, apply after cleansing and massage into skin. 

Remember, when it comes to skincare, consistency is key – having a routine that you can stick to, with products that are kind to your skin will bring results in the long term!

(Active Treatment Serum)