The benefits of using a facial oil - With Mandy Oxley Swan
We spoke to Mandy Oxley Swan, a facialist with over 25 years of expertise and advocate of natural skincare about the benefits of using a facial oil.  She gave us her expert advice on why we should all be looking to incorporate a good quality oil into our routines and the best application techniques to give ourselves a moment of self care and relaxation.

What type of skin benefits from a facial oil?

The use of facial oils within a skincare routine can be conflicting. The key message is that what works for one person might not work for another.

Essentially our skin makes oil naturally- this is called sebum. In terms of the different skin types - an oilier skin makes more oil than the skin requires, a drier skin is lacking in oil and a “normal” skin is balanced.  Lipid/oil content is what measures our skins moisture levels. A skin lacking in water is dehydrated.

A facial oil will add oil to a skin that is otherwise lacking in it.

How do we choose the best facial oil for our skin needs?

The INCI ingredient list is key when choosing a facial oil.  For a rough, dry skin, essential fatty acids will work well. The hemp oil in the new Wild Beauty Protecting Facial Oil is rich in Omega 6 and Vitamins to hydrate the skin and contains Bakuchiol, a natural alternative to retinol, which helps reduce the signs of ageing and maintains an even skin tone. Also the CBD extract within it has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and as such will be very calming. Likewise, it’s base of jojoba oil is perfect as its composition is similar to sebum in the skin. It’s also very important to note that it is not a comedogenic (pore blocking) oil so it won’t cause congestion in the skin.

Rhug Wild Beauty Protecting Facial Oil with Bakuchiol

When should we use a face oil in our skincare routine?

The order in which products are used in a skincare routine is important. Water based products such as serums should be applied straight after cleansing as oils help to bind water to the skin’s surface, locking moisture from the water based products. As such, facial oils should always be applied last in a skincare routine. Oils are occlusives, which means they seal in moisture. As such, they are best used at night to lock in all the moisture.

Oils can also slightly interfere with SPF if used in the morning, so if you do like to apply oils in the morning, ensure you leave enough time to let the oil soak in well before applying SPF.  Personally, I like to use oil at night when I generally have more time and can include a mini massage into my routine. It also means I can leave the oil on to work its magic overnight.

How do you apply a facial oil and how much should you use?

How much oil to use is personal preference and dependent on the skin’s condition. As previously mentioned, a drier skin will generally need more than a balanced skin. Usually, 2-3 drops is enough. Apply it from the pipette directly onto fingertips (not palms otherwise your hand will absorb the oil instead of your face!) and sweep over the face, applying firm pressure so the oil is properly absorbed. All skincare should be taken down to the neck and décolleté so ensure these areas are treated too.

Rhug Wild Beauty Facial Oil with dropper

Quick and easy Facial Massage techniques:

The benefits of facial massage are many. Massage releases tension in the facial muscles, it also stimulates blood supply, lifts & sculpts the skin and encourages lymphatic drainage which all help keep the skin glowing and supple, with the facial contours sculpted.

Whether you have 30 seconds or 5 minutes, facial massage will pay dividends to your skin. You don’t need fancy gadgets, just your hands!

Apply a few drops of your favourite facial oil evenly over the face to provide a little “slip” so there is no pull or drag on the surface of the skin.

Mandy’s top skin massage tips:
  • Fingertip circles- this wakes up the face. Using fingertips, make small circular movements starting at the jawline working up the face, over cheekbones, up to the forehead and then to the hairline.

  • Palming/lifting- which sculpts and firms the face. Using palms of the hands, start at the chin and work hands outwards to the sides of the face. Work upwards as before, finishing at hairline.

  • Knuckling- releases tension. Using the knuckles, start at the chin and work upwards as before, finishing at the hairline.

  • Brow and Eye Lifting- relaxes the eye muscles and de-puffs the eye area. Using the middle fingers and thumbs, start in the middle of the eyebrows and pinch up, working across the brows. Use middle fingers and tap under the eye, moving outwards. Then circle at the sides of  the eyes and temples. To finish, lightly tap all over the face to stimulate circulation.

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