Winter Skincare
As we head into the autumn and winter months and the air feels crisper, have you noticed a change in your skin? Maybe it feels a little tighter, less comfortable?

Switching up your skincare for winter

Colder air, central heating, harsh winds and lower humidity levels can leave skin lacking moisture and feeling dry.  At this time of year, it’s beneficial
to infuse your skin with moisture to reinforce the skin barrier function and to keep the hydration locked in, maybe starting to use a richer moisturiser during the day or including a specific night cream into your evening routine. 

Easy Winter skincare routines

Every skin is different, but they each and every one will benefit from a consistent skincare routine that is modified to adapt to the change in seasons, much like you do with your wardrobe! You don’t need a multitude of products or a complex routine, just the right products to suit your needs, layered in the right way to keep skin healthy and glowing.

Step by Step Winter skincare 

Cleansing first thing in the morning and last thing at night is the first step in any good skincare routine. The Rhug Wild Beauty purifying cleansing lotion with Dandelion and Clary Sage is perfect for removing make up at the end of the day and keeping skin hydrated. Rich in minerals that support overall skin function, apply a couple of pumps to dry skin, massage over the face and remove with a damp muslin cloth and rinse with warm waters – pat your face dry – don’t scrub or rub with a towel as winter skin can be extra sensitive. 

Hyaluronic acid for hydration

Using a serum in winter months infuses the skin with a cocktail of vitamins and minerals which will help keep skin healthy and nourished.  Use a couple of drops pressed into clean skin and leave to absorb for a few minutes. Look for serums that contain Hyaluronic Acid, like the Wild Beauty Active treatment serum with Elderflower.  Hyaluronic Acid is a humectant, which means it helps the skin hold onto water and helps the outer layers of the skin stay hydrated and radiant.
In the winter months, consider switching up your moisturiser to something comforting and nourishing, the Wild Beauty Protecting day cream with blue tansy will ensure that moisture is locked in all day long and with the addition of yarrow leaf, which is a natural anti-inflammatory, it soothes dry or irritated skin, perfect for this season.  Don’t forget to finish with an SPF however, as skin still needs protecting from UVA and UVB light even in the winter months and UVB can be especially strong when reflecting off snow and ice – skiers beware!

Winter night time routines 

If you don’t already use one, consider introducing a night cream into your winter skincare routine at this time of the year. Not only will it melt the stresses and strains of the day away leaving skin firmer, and plumped but the Wild Beauty Restorative Overnight cream contains Heather Flower from the estate that is rich in antioxidants that will counteract damage caused by free radicals and modern pollution.  The addition of Rhug Estate beeswax adds a layer of protection to the skin barrier leaving skin rested and nourished. 

Extra skin boosters

Once a week take the time to apply a hydrating mask to treat your skin and spend a little time on yourself. The Wild Beauty replenishing mask contains Rhug Honey and is rich in minerals to treat dull congested skin, leaving a smoother, brighter complexion. 
Did you know that elderflower is a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient?  It is found in the Wild Beauty nourishing eye cream, and is brilliant for treating this delicate area and de-puffing the eye contour area.

Let us know if you have any winter skin routine tips or queries, we would love to hear them!